About Us

AnnaBella Pātisserie is a Japanese-French inspired bakery, specializing in delicate Japanese light-cream cakes and hand-crafted macarons. It all started with the pursuit to produce the best-quality cakes and macarons. The founding chef spent over a decade travelling to world-class bakeries and chocolatiers, tasting and researching ingredients to create top quality cakes and macarons. This culinary journey contributes to every aspect of how the cakes and macarons are made today. The founder's passions and inspirations can be experienced in every delicious bite of our cakes and macarons. AnnaBella Pātisserie has a mission to share the best pātisserie with everyone. Your feedback is always welcome.


s We were featured in "8 Days eat"!
"Came across these pretty, lightly chewy treats from local macaron specialist Annabella Patisserie at Oishii Japan's dining and retail area, J Food Street. Self-taught baker Annabella Sonwelly started off baking at home before opening a production kitchen three months ago, and plans to delve into retail come December. We especially like her Japanese-French influenced patisserie's Premium range, with delicate, complex flavours like the Melontino (Japanese musk melon with minty vodka) and our fave, the Passion Sling, passionfruit studded with mandarin orange bits and Benefictine Dom. Order at www.abpatisserie.com"


Limited Edition :
* White Truffle - luxurious mushroom flavoured macarons
* Lychee Rose Martini - lychee and rose flavoured macarons with lychee bits and a dash of Vodka
* Passion Sling - passion fruit flavoured macarons with mandarin orange bits and Benedictine Dom
* Melontino - Japanese Musk Melon flavoured macarons with minty Vodka
* Premium Japanese Yuzu - exquisite Japanese citrus flavoured macarons


Customer Feedbacks :)

Michelle 26-Apr-2015
"This is the nicest macarons I ever eat before. Not very sweet but sweet. Cream just melst in your mouth. Yummy....."

Shir Li 25-Apr-2015
"Macarons were delicious. Would definitely purchase again."

Fiona 13-Apr-2015
"Usually i bought macarons from retail shop n it's my first time purchased from online but nvr regret it's really taste marvellous !! Compared to retail shop it's too sweet which I dun like. well packed. Expected 2-3days delivery but took 4 days due to weekend.So delivery was on Monday"

Faith 6-April-2015
"Very good pricing. Love the macaroons. Can buy again. Thank u!"

Annie 1-April-2015
"When item are out of stock, they get your consent whether u want a replacement of other flavor or do you want to wait. And they replace with one of their hot selling item."

Angeline Lee 30-Mar-2015
"Collected yesterday at Bishan. My kiddos are very happy, Yummy they said."

Irene Lum 25-Mar-2015
"Nice packaging and place easy to find. Seller is very friendly..Hope to purchase again"

Nancy 22-Mar-2015
"Packed up and the Macarons are tasty, thumb up,thanks."

Jesslyn Tan 17-Mar-2015
"Pick up today and my mom loves it! Thanks for the great work!"

Anlin 8-Mar-2015
"Hi, i had received the macarons on last sat... Just to compliments the macarons are very delicious..."


Above are the selected feedbacks from March & April 2015, apologies that we can't published everyone,but rest assured that all feedbacks have been well read and shared with our Management and Chef, we really appreciate it! We will continue to improve in bringing the best quality Macarons to you. Thank You!! (From the bottom of our hearts :P)